BITS experts help businesses maintain and manage widely-dispersed services and support through system engineering, program management, CBRNE defense and network systems. We also provide logistics integration solutions that can take any enterprise to the next level.




Commercial and Government organizations in the aerospace and defense, transportation and energy sectors require the know-how in capturing, managing and reporting program cost, schedule, and technical performance data to be successful.  For commercial subcontractors not only it is essential to proactively manage contractual obligations – but your internal profit and loss (P&L), as well.


Bravura has the expertise, tools, and practices required for supporting, implementing and integrating Program Management Offices (PMO), Program & Project Planning & Controls (PP&C), Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS), Risk Mitigation and Management (RMM) and when required Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) compliant and recognized practices.



Program/Project Management

We provide detailed cost and schedule plans, metrics, which makes for traceable progress planning and common language communications.  Our PMs collaborate with development and engineering teams by providing insights to:


•            Program/Project Performance: Cost, Schedule and Product Delivery

•            Risk Mitigation and Management (RMM)

•            Baseline Change / Change Controls

•            Vendor / Supplier / Supply Chain Performance and Management

•            Production & Operations

•            Resource Planning: Current and Future State

•            Outsourcing and In-Sourcing

•            Quality Assurance and Controls



Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)

We have been at the forefront of managing programs with EVMS methods, processes and tools. Our experts implemented full-rigor ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS compliant initiatives with both multi-billion-dollar government programs to less rigorous, internally-funded projects using 'EVMS-Lite'.



Risk Mitigation & Management (RMM)

In today’s highly competitive business environment optimizing resources and capital while planning for risks is essential for success.  We consider every aspect program risks — the benign to major “red flags”, and integrate them threaded through the integrated master schedule (IMS) this providing visible ‘Go/No-Go’ decisions. Bravura designs RMM plans and steps in advance, instead of addressing risks on an emergency basis. Our RMM Playbook is in place with well-planned and coordinated enterprise and project defense mechanisms that are ready at a moment’s notice.


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